Preference centers

A preference center is an Airship-hosted web page where your users can manage their opt in statuses for the subscription lists in your project.

You design the appearance of your preference centers using our drag-and-drop WYSISWYG editor, and your users access a preference center like any other web page. How it works:


If you want to change the name and description of a subscription list, you must edit the list itself; you cannot edit a subscription list when creating or editing a preference center. See: Managing subscription lists.

Creating a preference center

  1. Go to Messages » Content » Web Pages and click Create web page.
  2. Enter a name and description for your preference center, and click Continue. These fields are for use within the Airship dashboard only and do not appear in your form. Description is optional.
  3. Click Add   for HTML and select a default or saved layout, or select Blank Layout to design your own; you can edit any layout after selecting. Then design your form. See the WYSIWYG Editor for details.
    • Your layout must include exactly one Preference Center element.
    • Personalization is not supported.
    • A placeholder is shown within the WYSIWYG editor, not your actual subscription lists.
    • Click Preview to see how the web page will appear on desktop and mobile devices.
  4. Click Done when you are finished designing the page.
  5. Click Save web page, and you will return to the list of all your web pages.

Testing the appearance of a preference center

You can see how your preference center will appear to your users, including the actual subscription lists in your project.

To test the full user experience, send an email to yourself that contains your preference center link. First create a Test GroupA preview group is an audience group you create for previewing personalized content in the dashboard. Wherever a personalization preview is available, you can select a preview group, and those users' attributes will appear for any handlebar references to attributes. You can enable any preview group as a test group so the users can receive test messages sent to the group. These messages appear as tests in Messages Overview. , adding yourself as a member using your email address, then follow these steps.


If you intend to send the message to your users immediately, use the Send Test option in the Review step instead.

  1. Go to Messages » Content » Web Pages.
  2. Click   for a preference center to copy its URL.
  3. Click   and select the Message composer.
    • In the Audience step, enable the Email channel, then select Test Users, enter your test group name, and select from the results.
    • In the Content step, include the preference center link in the body of the email.
    • In the Delivery step, select Send Now.
  4. After sending, check your email for your test message, and click the preference center link.

To test the form without sending a message, add a Channel IDAn Airship-specific unique identifier used to address a channel instance, e.g., a smartphone, web browser, email address. to the preference center’s URL:


Interacting with the form will apply changes to the channel ID you use for testing.

  1. Go to Messages » Content » Web Pages.
  2. Click   for a preference center to copy its URL.
  3. Paste the URL in your browser’s address bar, replace {{$}} with an actual channel ID, and hit Enter on your keyboard.

You should now see your rendered preference center.

Linking to a preference center in an email

Add the URL for your preference center to your email messages or to Content TemplatesReusable message content that saves you the trouble of having to rewrite a message. Templates support merge fields and other logic, letting you personalize the resulting messages. for email. You must send your email using Airship; the preference center will not load for a user if sent from a system other than Airship. To get the URL:

  1. Go to Messages » Content » Web Pages.
  2. Click   for a preference center to copy its URL.

Managing preference centers

Your preference centers are listed in Messages » Content » Web Pages.

  • Search — You can search by name.
  • Sort — The default sort order is most recently modified first. Click a column header to sort by name, date created, or date modified.
  • Edit — Click  . You can change the name and description, and edit the form’s HTML.
  • Duplicate — Click   and enter a new name and description. The name field is the original web page name with " - Copy" appended. Then click Continue, complete your design, and save the web page.
  • Delete — Click  . Deleting a web page invalidates its URL. Consider editing the web page if you want to keep the link active in emails you have already sent.