Email double opt-in links

Create links for completing the email double opt-in process.

When using Double Opt-InA process where users who sign up for messaging must confirm opting in before they can receive messages., you must include an opt-in link in both the HTML and plain text message bodies. When the user follows the opt-in link, Airship updates their channel as opted in to email messaging and redirects to the confirmation web page that tells them they are opted in.

The Airship-hosted default confirmation web page displays the message “You have been successfully opted in.” You can also link to your own confirmation web page instead.

To use the default confirmation page, include the following in your message:

  • HTML body — Paste this HTML:

    <a data-ua-opt-in="1" title="Opted in">Link Title</a>

  • Plain text body — Paste this content: [[ua-opt-in]]

To use your own confirmation page, include the following in your message:

  • HTML body — Paste this HTML (it includes a data-ua-opt-in="1" attribute), replacing the href URL with your own:

    <a data-ua-opt-in="1" title="Opted in" href="">Link Title</a>

  • Plain text body — Paste this content, replacing the href URL with your own: [[ua-opt-in href=""]]

When using the WYSIWYG editor to create email content, you can add opt-in links in the HTML, Heading, and Text content elements.

In the HTML content element, use the code specified for HTML body in Double opt-in link formatting above.

In Heading and Text content elements:

  1. Select text in your message and click the Link option.
  2. Select the Confirm subscription action.
  3. Enter the URL for your confirmation page or enter one of the following URLs for the default confirmation page. For the default page, use the URL that matches your data center location:
    • US:
    • EU:
  4. Click Save.

See also: Actions in the WYSIWYG editor.