Configure Apple News

Add support for Apple News to your project.

Apple News is available to select publishers. See: Publishing on Apple News. If you are interested in sending Apple News messages, contact Airship Sales.

To configure the channel for your project, you will need your Apple News Publisher:

  • Channel ID
  • API key
  • API key secret

You can find the channel ID and API key in the Settings tab in News Publisher. The API key secret is shown only when it is first issued.

In Airship:

  1. Go to Settings » Channels » Mobile Apps » Apple News.
  2. Enter a channel name and your News Publisher channel ID, API key, and API key secret. The Apple News channel name is used for preview purposes in the Airship dashboard.
  3. Check the box for each of the supported countries you have configured in your News Publisher channel settings.
  4. Click Save.

  • Your News Publisher channel ID has no relation to an Airship Channel IDAn Airship-specific unique identifier used to address a channel instance, e.g., a smartphone, web browser, email address..
  • We validate the country selection when you click Send Now or Send When Live as the final step in creating an Apple News message. If a country selected here is not configured in your News Publisher channel settings, you will see an error in the dashboard when attempting to send to that country.