About Apple News

An Apple News message is a push notification that links to an Apple News story and is delivered via the Apple News app on iOS and macOS.

Apple News is available to select publishers. See: Publishing on Apple News. If you are interested in sending Apple News messages, contact Airship Sales.

Appearance and behavior

An Apple News message appears in the same banner format as a push notification. When creating the message, you will enter the text that will appear in the notification. Clicking or tapping the notification opens its associated story in the News app on iOS or macOS. Apple News messages are displayed upon receipt and are not PersistentMessage content that remains available even if the alerts for the message are dismissed. For example, Message Center, email, and SMS content can be viewed in the app’s Message Center, email inbox, or the device’s native SMS client until the message is deleted by its recipient. Non-persistent message types become unavailable when users dismiss them. A message’s linked content, e.g., a web link, deep link, an Apple News story, remains available as determined by the source host..