Flag a Message or A/B Test as a Test

Flag a message or A/B test as a test for easy identification

The test flag helps sort and filter messages that you create for test purposes, so that they don’t clutter the list of messages bound for your external audience.

When you select a Test GroupA reusable audience group that can be used as a recipient for test messages. Messages you send to a test group appear as tests in Messages Overview. as a message recipient, your message is automatically flagged as a test. When you select any other message audience, you can manually set the test flag to designate the message as a test.

In Messages Overview, go to the Tests view to see all your test messages. You can also filter test messages out of your other views.


Only A/B tests and messages created with the Message and In-App Automation composers can be flagged as tests.

Manually Set the Test Flag

Set the test flag when creating or editing a Message, A/B Test, or In-App Automation.

  1. Click   in the header.
  2. Enable Mark this message as a test.
  3. Click outside the box to close it.

View Tests

See all your tests in a single view.

  1. Go to Messages » Messages Overview.
  2. Select the Tests view.

Hide/Show Tests

You can control whether or not you see tests in Messages Overview.

  1. Go to Messages » Messages Overview.
  2. Toggle Hide Tests to hide or show tests.