Editing a message

You can make changes to your ongoing and unsent messages.

Editing availability and behavior

Editing availability and behavior depend on the composer used to create the original message, status, and if it was scheduled for delivery:

  • Message, Automation, and A/B Test — Opens the message in its composer of origin. For scheduled messages created with the Message and A/B Test composers, this action cancels the scheduled delivery, saves the message as a draft, and opens the message for editing.


    Recurring messages that include multi-language localized content cannot be edited.

  • In-App Automation, Scene, and Survey — Opens the message for editing. Availability for editing depends on message status. Active messages can be edited at any time. An Expired or Canceled message can be edited and its end date extended, making it active again, within 14 days of the original expiration. After 14 days you can only duplicate the expired message. See: About In-App Automation: Message Status. This message status information also applies to scenes and surveys.

    Edits are not applied to active messages that have already been triggered by a user. For instance, for a message configured to display when viewing a specific app screen, if you edit the message after the trigger event occurred for a user but before they have viewed the specific app screen, they will see the version of the message that does not contain your edits.

  • Sequences — See: Edit a sequence.

  • Apple News — Apple News notifications are sent immediately so cannot be edited.

Message names

Message names help you identify and filter your messages in Messages OverviewA view of all your project’s messages, with options for editing their settings, content, status, and more. and in individual message reports. You add a name when creating a message, and you can edit it later.

  • A name is not required in the Message composer. If you do not assign a name, the default name is Untitled.
  • A name is required in all other composers.
  • Apple News notifications do not support message names.

Editing steps

You can edit messages from:

Make your changes, then save.

  • To edit a message name:

    • All composers except Automation and Sequence — Click in the header, enter a name, then click outside the box to close it.
    • Automation — Click Setup in the header, enter an Automation Name.
  • To save your changes:

    • If you are editing a draft and not ready to send, click Exit to save your changes.
    • If you are editing an ongoing message or ready to send, go to the Review step and:
      • Message or A/B Test — Click Send Message or Schedule Message.
      • Automation — Click Start Automation or Schedule Automation, or click Update Automation if the message is already active.
      • Surveys, Scenes, and In-App Automation — Click Finish, or Update if the message is already active.