Delete a Message

Delete messages from your project.

Delete a Message

  • Deleting an automation also deletes its message report and cancels its undelivered messages.
  • A recurring message cannot be deleted unless its End Date has passed or you first cancel it.
  • Only draft scenes, surveys, and in-app automation messages can be deleted. Once they have been started they cannot be deleted.
  • Sent messages cannot be deleted, only archived.
  1. Go to Messages » Messages Overview.
  2. Click for each message you want to delete.

Delete a Message From a Sequence


Do not edit a sequence that has a control group. See: Sequence Control Groups.

You cannot delete the first message in a sequence, you can only edit it.

  1. Go to Messages » Messages Overview.
  2. Click for a sequence.
  3. Click for the message you want to delete, and select Delete Message.
  4. Click Publish changes to apply the changes to a sequence that is already in progress.