Change message status

Change the status for ongoing, recurring, and throttled messages.

Pause or resume a message

You can pause/resume:

  • All messages created with the Automation composerPause disables the automation, so no users can trigger sending the message.
  • Recurring messagesPause disables message delivery.
  • Throttled messagesPause disables message delivery. You can pause/resume within 48 hours of send time.
  1. Go to Messages » Messages Overview.
  2. Click   Pause or   Resume for a message.

Cancel a message

Canceling a message is effectively the same as setting an End Date, immediately applying an end date of “now.” You can cancel active messages at any time. You can cancel:

  1. Go to Messages » Messages Overview.
  2. Click   Stop for a message.

You can set an End Date in the Delivery step in the Message composer, and the Settings step in the In-App Automation, Scene, and Survey composers.

Restart an in-app automation, scene, or survey

Restarting a canceled or expired in-app automation, scene, or survey changes its status to Active. This is effectively a shortcut to editing the message and either eliminating or specifying an end date. You can restart messages within 14 days of expiration. After 14 days you can only duplicate the message.

  1. Go to Messages » Messages Overview.
  2. Click   Restart for the in-app automation, scene, or survey you want to restart.
  3. Select Restart this message indefinitely or Specify an end date. To specify an end date, enter a date in YYYY-MM-DD format or use the date picker, then select the time and time zone.
  4. Click Submit.

Start or pause a journey


  • Do not pause a journey before you edit it. Edit the journey, then click Publish changes. You can also test the journey before publishing changes.
  • You should only pause a journey when you want to stop it and use it at a later date. Paused journeys remain in your project and can be edited and started again at any time.

Pause disables message delivery but not the timer between messages. When you pause a journey:

  • New audience members cannot trigger the journey.
  • For audience members who have already triggered the journey:
    • If the delay period before your audience’s next message elapses, your audience will not receive remaining messages in the journey. (Also known as falling out out of the funnel.)
    • If you resume (Start) the journey before the delay period for your audience’s next message elapses, they will continue the journey.

You can change a journey’s status from the Journey ManagerA preview of the messages in a journey, with options for editing and testing, and for running experiments. , which can be accessed from Messages OverviewA view of all your project’s messages, journeys, and A/B tests, with options for editing their settings, content, status, and more. and from the Journey MapA visualization of journeys and in-app experiences that can be connected to create a continuous user experience. You can also create and edit from the map. . Steps for both are described here.

Messages Overview

  1. Go Messages » Messages Overview and click   for the journey you want to start or pause.
  2. Click   Start journey or   Pause journey.

Journey Map

  1. Go Journeys and search for a journey or select from the sidebar.
  2. Click the card at the center of the map, then click Manage.
  3. Click   Start journey or   Pause journey.