Journey Map

The journey map is a visualization of the relationships between journeys.

Go to Journeys and click Journey Map. Your journeys are listed in the sidebar and a map is on the right. In the map, each journey is represented by a card. When you select a journey from the sidebar, the map updates with a view of the upstream and downstream journeys that are connected to the selected journey. The connecting line between journeys displays outcomes and associated events as configured in the journey settings.

  • All journeys are listed by default.
  • The default sort order is Last Modified. You can also select Performance (conversion rate) or In Progress Count (the number of users curently in the journey).
  • Click   /   to sort ascending/descending.

The sidebar summary for a journey lists:

  • The journey name
  • Status (Active, Paused, or Draft)
  • Trigger
  • Last modified date, time, and time zone
  • Number of messages in the journey

You can select a time frame that applies to the data displayed in the card:

Click a journey in the map to see available actions displayed above its card: