Journey Map

The journey map is a visualization of the relationships between journey components.

Go to Journeys » Journey Map. Your journeys and In-App AutomationMessages that are cached on users' devices and displayed when your users meet certain conditions within your app, such as viewing a particular screen or opening the app a certain number of times. messages are listed in the sidebar, and you can also find them by name using the search bar. When you select from the sidebar or search results, the map updates with a view of its trigger and the upstream and downstream journeys or in-app automation messages that are connected to your selection. The connecting line between items displays outcomes and associated events as configured in the journey settings.

The default sort order is Last Modified, which applies to both journeys and in-app automation. For journeys, you can sort by Performance (journey conversion rate) or In Progress Count (the number of users currently in the journey). Click   /   to sort ascending/descending.

The sidebar summaries list:

Click   and Show list   to collapse and expand the sidebar.

Map cards

In the map, each journey and in-app automation is represented by a card with related data for All Time. For journeys, you can select a time frame, and the data on each card will reload with that data for that period.

Journey cards display:

In-app automation cards display:


Impressions and dismissals include multiple views/dismissals by a single user. Button clicks include all buttons in a message and multiple clicks by a single user.

Click a card in the map to see its available actions:

You can also select multiple cards in the map and perform the following actions for all selected cards at once:

Hold down Shift on your keyboard and click to select cards, then click Publish all changes, if available. Click   to zoom out if you cannot see all connected elements in your journey.

If none of the selections are valid (have unpublished changes or can be started), Publish all changes does not appear. If any of the selections are invalid (do not have unpublished changes or cannot be started), Publish all changes appears but is disabled.

Quick drafts

You can create a draft journey or in-app automation by providing only its name or by selecting a Journey TemplatePrefilled journeys you can use as starting points for common messaging scenarios. They are fully editable, and an onscreen tour leads you through the editing process. . This option is available when you first open the map. If you already made a selection from the sidebar or map, click Journey Map and reload the page to return to the map’s default state.

After creating the draft, it appears in the map and sidebar.

For in-app automation:

  1. Click   in the map.
  2. Select In-App Experience from the sidebar.
  3. Click In-App Message.
  4. Enter a name for the in-app automation.
  5. Click Continue.

For a journey:

  1. Click   in the map.
  2. Click Start from scratch.
  3. Enter a name for the journey.
  4. Click Continue.

For a journey template:

  1. Click   in the map.
  2. Click a template type.

You can select a draft in-app automation when configuring the In-App Automation trigger.