Create a journey

Create the individual components of a journey and connect them to form a continuous user experience.

Creating components

To create and start an in-app automation, scene, or survey, click   in the header and select a composer, then complete the steps for each. Full documentation:

To create and start a sequence, you must first create a draft, then you can complete its configuration from the journey map. See: Create a sequence.

To create a draft for any journey component, you can do so from the map by providing only a name or by selecting a Sequence TemplatePrefilled sequence you can use as starting points for common messaging scenarios. They are fully editable, and an onscreen tour leads you through the editing process. . After creating the draft, the map opens with the new component selected.

Create a draft in-app automation, survey, or scene:

  1. Click   in the map.
  2. Select In-App Experience.
  3. Click In-App Automation, Survey, or Scene.
  4. Enter a name.
  5. Click Continue.

Create a draft sequence:

  1. Click   in the map.
  2. Click Start from scratch.
  3. Enter a name.
  4. Click Continue.

Create a draft sequence from a template:

  1. Click   in the map.
  2. Select a template.

  is only available in the map when you first load the Journeys page. If you already made a selection from the sidebar list or map, click   in the search bar to restore the map to its initial state.

You can also access the same menu by clicking   in the header and selecting Sequence.

Connecting components

You can link sequences together so that the end of one sequence is the beginning of another, based on an exit event or when all messages in a sequence are delivered. See: Sequence outcomes.

You can also route users to a sequence when an in-app automation, survey, or scene is displayed on a device or when they click a button in the message/survey/scene:

  1. Go to Journeys and select an in-app automation, survey, or scene.

  2. Click   to the right of its map card. A configuration drawer will open.

  3. Select Display or Button Click.

  4. (For Button Click only) Select a button.

  5. Select Create New or Insert Existing.

  6. Search for and select an exiting sequence or enter a name for a new draft sequence.

  7. Click Save.

The map will now show the connection to the downstream sequence.

Disconnecting components

You can remove a sequence from a journey. The map will refresh to focus on the sequence you unlink.

  1. Go to Journeys and select a sequence.
  2. Click   then Unlink.