Activity Log

The Activity Log is a unified list of your messaging activity from both the dashboard and the API. Unicast messages and messages created using automation and sequences are not included.

Go to Messages » Activity Log. By default, the activity log shows message activity for the last seven days, newest messages first. To change the viewable range, click Last 7 Days and select a new time frame.

To export data, click Download CSV of Current View. Export is limited to what appears in the displayed list. If Show More is at the bottom of the list, click the button until the desired number of entries are listed.

You can also access activity data using the API. See Activity Log Report in the API reference.


Unicast pushes are not included in the activity because they could theoretically make the log unmanageable. For example, a large app could send millions of unicast pushes in a single day, causing the activity log to be flooded with these messages and obscuring any other useful information.

Activity Log Data


Not applicable to web notifications: Influenced Opens, Rich page Sends, Rich page views.

MessageThe name of the message.
SentThe date, time, and time zone when the message was sent
Delivery TypeExperiments are groups of messages that are part of an A/B Test. All other messages are Engagement.
ChannelsThe channels selected for delivery.
AudienceThe audience selected for delivery. Click Details to see its value.
App Notification SendsThe number of notifications containing user-alerting elements (text, badge, sound) sent to users opted in to push.
Direct App Opens
  • Rate — A percentage calculated as Direct App Opens / App Notification Sends * 100.
  • Count — The number of app opens that directly resulted from this notification. Includes Landing Pages, Deep Links, URLs, and Event Tags.
Influenced App Opens
  • Rate — A percentage calculated as Influenced App Opens / App Notification Sends * 100.
  • Count — The number of app opens that directly or indirectly resulted from your notification. See the Push Influence Primer.
Web SendsThe total number of web notifications sent to all devices.
Web Clicks
  • Rate — A percentage calculated as Web Clicks / Web Sends * 100.
  • Count — The total number of web notifications clicked on by a user.
Rich Page SendsThe number of Message Center Rich Pages sent to all devices.
Rich Page Views
  • Rate — A percentage calculated as Rich Page Views / Rich Page Sends * 100.
  • Count — The number of users who viewed this Message Center Rich Page at least once.