Add Web Metrics To a Report

Add web push notification metrics to the Message Report by Platform report, and save the customized version in your Personal or Group space.

Learn more about Spaces in Dashboards and Spaces.

This tutorial is based on Save and schedule reports: Save a Customized Report to a New Dashboard.

  1. Go to Reports » Performance Analytics.
  2. Go to any report or dashboard.
  3. Click  , click  , and then go to Messages » Message Report by Platform.
  4. Click   and select Explore from Here.
  5. In Filters, set Message Type to Web Notification.
  6. From the left side menu, in Messaging Metrics » Measures » Web Metrics, click the rows for:
    • Web Click Rate
    • Web Click Count
    • Web Session Rate
    • Web Session Count
  7. Click   and select Save as a Look.
  8. Enter a Title and Description, select the Personal or Group space, then click Save or Save & View Look.