Get a list of users who were sent or opened an A/B test

Use Performance Analytics to get an A/B test user list.

  1. Go to Messages » Messages Overview.
  2. Change the search filter to Composers, then click the search field and choose A/B Test.
  3. Click for an A/B test.
  4. Copy the push ID from the address bar. The push ID follows abtest/ in the URL. In this image, the push ID is cd15b020-5cb5-11ed-a8ad-0242170009c2:
  5. Go to Reports » Performance Analytics.
  6. Select the Messages dashboard.
  7. In the Messages report, click the count for any message with a non-zero Total Delivery/Impression Count, then click Explore from Here. The message you select does not matter. This step is only to access the explore view.
  8. In the left side menu, under Message Content, click Filter by field next to Notification ID.
  9. Make these changes in the Filters section
    • Change the Notification ID by pasting the push ID you copied in step 4.
    • Set the Workflow Type to A/B Test.
    • Remove the time range field or select a time range that is inclusive of the send/open date.
  10. Click Run.