Performance Analytics Explore Definitions

An Explore is the default view of a pre-defined query, and the explore view is the interface for manipulating the data. See: Exploring Overview: Explores.

Performance Analytics explores are accessed via Spaces. Available explores are listed and defined below.


App Explores

Active Users
Count of the active users in your app.
Devices that are not marked uninstall, and their active tags.
Audience by Tags
Audience counts by combinations of tag group and tag value. Make sure to leave default values in for unused filters.
Audience Opt In
Metrics about your entire audience, split by opt-in status. This includes any user that currently has an app installed or has opted-in to web notifications.
Automation Message Report
Aggregate performance of automated messages.
Correlated Uninstalls
Messages and their uninstall rates.
Custom Event Cohort
Daily open activity of users performing an activation event (custom event). This helps you understand which goals keep a user retained for longer. See: Custom Events.
Custom Events
User-level behavioral events. Understand how people are interacting with your content. See: Custom Events.
A/B Test push notifications.
Create a funnel or path based on user behaviors (custom events). See: Custom Events.
Growth by Day
Counts by day of users installing, uninstalling, churning, and reactivating. Typically run for a 7-day period.
In App Message Impressions
Explore the number of users that have seen an In App Message over time.
Inactive Users
Count of inactive users. Export lists of users that have been inactive to target on a different channel, such as email.
Explore the lifecycle of your users from install to uninstall.

Company Explores

Your current audience and their active tags.
A/B Test performance.
Your app’s/apps’ open events.
Tag Events
Tag adds and removals for users over time. Use this report to understand which user properties are increasing or decreasing.
Tags Active by Week
A count of users by active tags per week.