Email dashboards and looks

Airship has dashboards and looks that can help you track the health of your email audience and how your emails perform with your audience.

To find email dashboards in Performance Analytics:

  1. Go to Reports » Performance Analytics.

  2. Click   »   » Email, and select the Email dashboard or LookA saved query in Performance Analytics. You can access your looks to view a data set directly or import looks to dashboards. that you want to use:

    • Email Campaign Level Dashboard — Message performance by campaignAn optional delivery feature used to group messages of similar types or messaging strategies for aggregate reporting. Campaigns help you track the efficacy of both your individual messages and a messaging campaign as a whole. . Because this dashboard aggregates data by campaign category, make sure that you include campaign categories when sending emails.

    • Email Deliverability Dashboard — Recent deliverability rates: opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, and spam complaints.

    • Email Main Aggregate Dashboard — General information about your email project over the last 7 days.

    • Campaign Activity Report — Raw data, including sends, opens, clicks, and bounce metrics for your campaigns over the last 7 days.


On any dashboard, hover over a look and click   to explore your data starting with that look. When exploring data, you can add additional filters to shape the data that appears on your dashboard.

Email Campaign Level Dashboard

This dashboard shows email statistics by campaign category. Only email messages that you set a campaign category for appear on this dashboard. This page can show you which of your campaigns have been most and least successful, helping you improve messaging and engagement in the future.

Click Filters to filter this dashboard by campaign.

Email Deliverability Dashboard

This dashboard shows the general health of your audience — the quantity and rate at which your audience opens, clicks, bounces, unsubscribes, or spam complaints about your emails.

This dashboard reports metrics by domain, which can help you pinpoint deliverability issues with your various email domains.

High or increasing open and click rates may indicate high quality messages and an engaged audience, and a sudden, dramatic drop can indicate deliverability issues.

Declining or steadily-low bounce, unsubscribe, and spam complaint rates indicate healthy deliverability. If these rates increase, you should investigate a deliverability issue with your email domain.

Email Main Aggregate Dashboard

This dashboard provides a general look at your email messaging performance and audience over the past 7 days.

  • Average Metrics — Various rates compared to total message sends over the past 7 days with an activity trend over a monthly period.
  • Alerts — Shows the percentage change in different alerts, comparing the 7-day rate to the previous 90-day rate.
  • Campaign Alerts — Shows the percentage change in different alerts for each campaign, comparing the 7-day rate to the previous 90-day rate.