Test Groups

Create reusable audience groups that can be used as recipients for test messages.

By keeping a saved list of approved test users in Airship, you can be sure that your test messages only reach an approved, in-house list of users. You might limit your test group to company employees such as Product staff, Development team, etc.

You can create up to twenty test groups.


Only owners and administrators can manage test groups. See: Manage Access Levels.


Test Devices was renamed to Test Groups. Changes:

  1. You can now maintain multiple lists of test users.

  2. If you had an existing Test Devices list, it is now a Test Group named devices.

Creating Test Groups

  1. Go to Audience » Test Groups.
  2. Click Create Test Group.
  3. Enter a name for the group of test users, then click Create.
  4. Click Add Test User, then enter:
    • User Name: A personal name or description to identify this user.
    • User Identifier: A channel ID or email address.
  5. Click Add.

Editing or Deleting Test Groups

  1. Go to Audience » Test Groups.
  2. Click   to delete, or click   to edit.
  3. Edit the user name.
  4. Click Add.

Sending to Test Groups

Messages you send to a test group appear as tests in Messages Overview. You can send to a test group from:

  • The Audience step in the Message, A/B Test, and In-App Automation composers — you must complete the remaining composer steps and send the message before it is sent to test users.
    1. Select Test Users, and select from the Test Groups menu.
    2. Complete the remaining steps, and send the message.
  • The Review step in the Message, Automation, and Journey composers — the message is sent to specified recipients immediately.
    1. Click Send Test.
    2. Enter at least one named user or test group and select from the results.
    3. Click Send.
  • The Manage screen in a journey — the message is sent to specified recipients immediately. See: Test a message in a journey.

  • The Test Run option in a journey. See: Test a journey.