Managing Attributes

Edit and archive Attributes and view your upload history.

To view a list of your Attributes, go to Audience, then Attributes. The page opens to Attribute List. The default sort order is by last created, and each row displays:

  • Name
  • Type
  • ID
  • Created and modified dates in UTC
  • Status — Active or Archived

Your total number of Custom and Predefined Attributes is displayed next to Create Attribute. All Attributes are displayed by default, and you can filter for Default and Custom Attributes. The Custom filter includes Predefined Attributes. You can search by Attribute name or ID.

Attribute management options:

EditYou can change any active Attributes's name and an active JSON Attribute's schema and aliases. You cannot edit archived Attributes — you must first unarchive it to change its status back to Active.Select the pencil icon (), make your changes, then select Save.
Archive/UnarchiveCustom and Predefined Attributes only. Archiving reduces the total count of Attributes and stops data collection for an Attribute. Data collected prior to archiving is made available again after unarchiving. Archived Predefined Attributes do not appear in search when adding Attributes to your project.Select the archive icon ().

Contact Airship Support to delete Custom Attributes.

Viewing upload history

To view the history of Attributes set using a CSV file, go to Audience, then Attributes, then Upload History. The list also includes Named User association uploads. The latest upload is listed first, with columns for:

  • File name
  • User name — The user who performed the upload in the dashboard
  • Source — Dashboard or SFTP
  • Upload date
  • Status — Processed, Processed with errors, Processing, or Failed

For status “Processed with errors”, select the download icon () to download a CSV file of the identifiers that failed processing and their error reasons.