View and Download Team Activity

View and download the log of your company’s activity across all projects over the last 90 days.


All users can view their own activity. The account owner or a team member with administrator permission can see the activity of all users. See: Manage Access Levels.

  1. Click   in the right side of the dashboard header, and select Team Management.

  2. Select Activity in the sidebar. The default view is sorted by activity date and time, most recent first. Click any column header to toggle ascending/descending order.

    • Team Member: The username of the team member who performed the logged action.
    • Timestamp: The date, time, and time zone when the logged action occurred.
    • Action: The logged action the user performed.
    • Reference ID: A unique identifier per logged action. For any ID shown in blue, click to see its associated Push ID(s) and message content. If the Push ID is also blue, click to open its message report.
    • Project: The project associated with the logged action.
    • Notes: Additional information about the logged action.

      Login-related actions display Not Applicable in the Project column, as logins are not associated with a project.

  3. (Optional) Click the arrow next to Date Time Range to expose the date/time fields.

    1. Either choose a date from the calendar that appears after clicking the date field, or manually enter in YYYY-MM-DD format.
    2. Use the dropdown menus to make time selections for both From Date and To Date, then click Filter.
  4. (Optional) Select from the Select Project dropdown menu. The default is All Projects.

  5. (Optional) Select from the Select Action dropdown menu. The default is All Actions.

  6. Click Download CSV and save the file. The file will include the currently displayed record set, up to 3,000 records.