Manage Access Levels

Change a team member’s access level.


Only the company account owner or a team member with administrator permission can edit a user’s access level.

Edit access level

  1. Go to Settings » Project Configuration and click Manage for Team Access.
  2. Click edit next to the user’s current access level.
  3. Select a new access level.
  4. Click Save.

Permissions per access level

PermissionOwnerAdminFull AccessReports, Composers, SegmentsReports & ComposersComposers OnlyReports Only
Create a project
Delete a project
View all user activity in the Team Management Activity log
Modify Team Management Security settings
Create and modify an IP Allowlist
Send Team Access invitations
Change user’s access level
View changes to user’s access level in the Team Management Activity log
Create Preference CentersA page where users can manage their opt-in statuses for the subscription lists in your project. Preference centers are presented within your app or website or as an Airship-hosted web page.
View and modify Contacts
Edit a project
View App Key, Secret, and Master Secret
View, create, and modify SegmentsA grouping of audience members selected by unique or shared identifiers. Multiple identifiers can be combined within a segment.
Manage Preview and Test GroupsA preview group is an audience group you create for previewing personalized content in the dashboard. Wherever a personalization preview is available, you can select a preview group, and those users’ attributes will appear for any Handlebars references to attributes. You can enable any preview group as a test group so the users can receive test messages sent to the group. These messages appear as tests in Messages Overview.
Compose messages
Create TemplatesReusable message content that saves you the trouble of having to rewrite a message. Templates support merge fields and other logic, letting you personalize the resulting messages. and SnippetsA reusable piece of content that you can define in Airship for later use in your messages and templates. Snippets support text or HTML content and can be used for commonly used elements such as a copyright, header image, or custom CSS.
Create Composer FavoritesReusable messages with preset settings and content. You can use Composer Favorites instead of recreating commonly used messages.
View, print, and export Reports