View Monthly Billing Counts

View the counts that contribute to your monthly billing totals. Counts are from your top 20 projects over the last twelve months.

Monthly Billing Quantity count values vary per contract and may refer to addressable users, contacts, or another value. Please refer to your contract.


At the end of the month it can take up to 10 business days for our systems to complete and update billing metrics. Metrics can change slightly during this period due to a small number of events that trickle in later because of connectivity issues. It is best to view a month’s metrics at least 10 days after the end of that month.

  1. Click   in the right side of the Airship dashboard header, then click Account Info. Total billing quantity per month is followed by columns for counts per channel or app platform.

  2. Click the month and year to display usage per project. Click again to hide it.

  3. Click Download CSV to export the data for all projects over the last twelve months.


E-commerce customers will see an additional pane displaying their Addressable Users count, which is broken down by Current and Last month. See Addressable Users for calculation method.