Create a messaging project

Add your project in the dashboard and set up your channels.

Create a new project

  1. Click Create project in the upper right corner of the DashboardThe Airship web interface located at or, and select Messaging Project.
  2. Enter details about your project.
    • Project Name — Enter a descriptive name for your project. You can change it later.
    • Icon (Optional) — Upload your icon. This does not have to be the same icon you submit to app marketplaces, but that is the typical practice.
    • Type — Specify whether this project is live or for testing. If this is your first time configuring a project for Airship, you should choose Test. This setting cannot be changed later.
    • Industry Select an industry type and sub-industry. This is used for reporting.

      • Project Name —  If you work in a large organization with multiple projects, keep in mind that other people in your company may need to search for this project, so give it as descriptive a name as possible and adopt a naming convention. Examples: Anytown News iOS - Development, McDowell’s Chicago Android - Production.

      • Live/Test — Ultimately, you should have both a Test build (development for sending test messages) and a Live build (production for sending messages to customers).

        Apple treats the production and development servers separately, so a device token for test sandbox will not work on production sandbox. See iOS Channel Configuration in Configure Channels.

  3. Click Create project. The next screen will be Messages OverviewA view of all your project’s messages, with options for editing their settings, content, status, and more.. Now you can configure channels for your project.

Configure channels


While anyone should be able to follow these instructions and send a push notification, this is a technical process and should be completed by a developer with access to the proper mobile development tools and credentials for developer programs.

After creating a project, you can configure the channels you want to send messages to. See the linked setup information for each:

After completing channel configuration, create a test group you will use as the recipient for your first message.