Live Conversations

Send and receive messages in the Live Conversations page.

The Live Conversations page is the place to access all active conversations. An agent can view their own conversations, while an Admin can view their own conversations (My Convos) and all conversations (All Convos). Admins can filter conversations by agent in the All Convos tab » click Select an agent.

When a conversation is selected, the conversation is highlighted in the Convos tab in the left pane, the conversation is displayed in the middle pane and the contact’s name and information is displayed in the right pane.

Mouse over   to the right of the conversation to see available actions. Each conversation has 3 actions:

  • Transfer — Transfer the conversation to another agent.
  • Close — Hides the conversation from your Live Conversations view.
  • Mark Unread — Mark the conversation unread.

In the middle conversation pane, the following actions are available at the bottom:

  • Type your response in the provided text input box then click Send.
  • Respond with a message template by clicking   or Message Templates.
  • Attach an image by clicking  .