Live Chat Manager Mobile App

Manage conversations with your users in our mobile app.


The Live Chat Manager (LCM) Mobile app allows agents to access their Live Chat conversations from their own mobile devices, and respond to customers the same way they would with a native texting app. The LCM Mobile app is free to download, and access to it included with the Live Chat user license. An agent may only have one concurrent active session on each device type, one for LCM desktop and one for LCM mobile.

Download the LCM Mobile App

The agent must first have an active user account created in Live Chat Manager . This can be done by the account’s assigned Admin user, or by an Airship administrator. Once the user is activated, the agent can download the LCM Mobile app from the app store and log in to the app:

My Conversations

As an agent with access to Live Chat Manager, when conversations come in and are assigned to you, these appear in Live Conversations, under My Conversations (or My Convos). This same list of conversations will be accessible from within the LCM mobile app under My Conversations. An agent logged into the LCM Mobile app can respond on-the-go, and be able to work away from the LCM desktop.

The conversation in My Conversations can be accessed by a single press. By long-pressing on a conversation, the Conversation menu will display.

Conversation actions available:

  • Transfer Conversation: Transfer the selected conversation to another agent.
  • Close Conversation: Close the selected conversation.
  • Cancel: Return back to screen without any changes.

Sign Out

The agent can sign out of the LCM Mobile app by clicking on the gear icon on the top left of the My Conversations screen then click Sign Out.