SMS Chat

Configure your Airship SMS channel for Airship Live Chat.

Connecting Live SMS Chat

By now you should have completed the dashboard setup steps in Airship Dashboard Setup.

Next, you’ll set up an SMS webhook to route chat traffic to LCM.

Set up SMS Webhook

In order to route inbound SMS messages to Live Chat Manager (LCM), you will configure your Airship SMS channel with an SMS webhook.

  1. In Live Chat Manager, navigate to Administration » Integrations and click Edit on your Airship integration.
  2. Copy the value for the SMS Webhook Path.
  3. In the Airship dashboard, go to Settings » Channels » SMS, and click Manage for SMS Webhooks.

    If you do not see SMS Webhooks, contact your Account Manager.

  4. Enter a Display Name for your SMS webhook.
  5. Copy the SMS Webhook Path from LCM into the Webhook URL field.
  6. For Authentication, select None.
  7. Click Save to save your new webhook and a Validation Code will be returned. Copy the validation code.

    Do not click Update after copying your validation code. You will return to this page after saving the code in your LCM configuration.

  8. In a separate tab, head back over to your Live Chat Manager Airship configuration and copy the validation code into the SMS Webhook Validation Code field and click Save.
  9. Return to the Configure new SMS Webhook page in the Airship dashboard, check the Enabled box, and click Update.

Your new SMS webhook is now configured. The final step in the setup process is configuring your SMS sender using the new webhook. This step will be carried out by an Airship Technical Account Manager.