Airship Dashboard Setup

Configure your Airship project and your Live Chat Manager integration for Live Chat.

There are two ways to enable Airship Live Chat: In-app chat and SMS chat. Whether you are setting up in-app or SMS or both, the first step is to configure your Airship project and your Live Chat Manager instance. This guide will take you through the steps that are common to both in-app and SMS. Proceed to the next sections for details on setting them up.


In order to get started with Airship Live Chat, contact your Airship Account Manager or Airship Support. They will invite you to your new instance of Live Chat Manager and provision your account for SMS if applicable.

Once your account is enabled for Airship Live Chat, you will configure your Live Chat Manager settings to talk to your Airship project.

The instructions below are common to both the in-app and SMS chat setups. Once you complete this walkthrough, proceed to the In-app and/or SMS guide as appropriate.

Connect Your Airship Project

To configure your Airship project for chat, you will need to get credentials from the Airship dashboard and copy them to your Live Chat Manager (LCM) configuration.

Airship Dashboard Setup

Starting in your Airship dashboard, we’ll retrieve your app key and generate an app token and RTDS direct connection token.

  1. In the Airship dashboard, go to Settings.
  2. Copy your app key and store it in a confidential place. You will need this to configure the integration in the Live Chat Manager.
  3. Go to Settings » Project Configuration and click Manage for Tokens.
  4. Click Create Token in the upper right corner.
  5. Enter a token Name. This is a friendly name to help you recognize your tokens in Airship, e.g., “Live Chat”.
  6. Select the All Access role.
  7. Click Create token.
  8. Save and protect your app token. You will not be able to copy it again from the dashboard.
  9. Go to Settings » Project Configuration and click Manage for Real-Time Data Streaming.
  10. Go to Real-Time Data Streaming and click Direct Connection.
  11. Enter a Name and Description.
  12. Click Create Access Token.
  13. Save and protect your RTDS direct connection token.

Live Chat Manager Setup

  1. In a separate browser tab, log into Live Chat Manager.
  2. Navigate to Administration » Integrations, and click Activate for your Airship integration.
  3. Click Activate on the Airship API integration card.
  4. Copy the app key, app token, and RTDS direct connection token from the previous steps into the Airship Setup form in LCM.
  5. Click Save.

Your Airship project is now connected to your Live Chat Manager instance. Proceed to the setup documentation for in-app chat or SMS chat to continue: