Manage Wallet teams and access

Share or revoke access to Wallet teams and projects.

Team management

First, invite users to join your Company account. After they accept the invitation, you can grant them access to individual Wallet projects. Only Company account Owners and team members with Administrator permission can invite or remove other team members and control project access.

Inviting team members


  • Verify addresses for existing Airship users before sending an invitation. If you enter an email address that does not match an existing Airship user account, they will receive an email with a request to activate a new account.
  • New team members are automatically assigned Administrator permission.

  1. Select the account menu icon () in the dashboard header, then select Team Management.
  2. Select Invite member.
  3. Enter an email address and select Invite.

After sending an invitation, the Team Management page lists the invited user under Outstanding Invitations.

Accepting team invitations

If you are invited to a Wallet team, Airship may send you two emails: one to activate your account and one to accept the team invitation. After you join a team, an Administrative user can grant you access to Wallet projects.

Make sure to activate your Airship account before accepting access to a team. Attempting to accept an invitation before activating your account may prevent you from being able to accept the team invitation without help from Airship Support.

If you do not accept the team invitation, you can still follow the link to join the team at any time. Your invitation is valid until an Administrator deletes it.

Removing team members

For outstanding invitations, removing a team member deactivates the invitation link sent to the user and removes the invitation from Team Management. For accepted invitations, removing a team member revokes their access to all projects in your Company account. If you need to revoke access to a single project, see Managing project access.

  1. Select the account menu icon () in the dashboard header, then select Team Management.
  2. Select the delete icon (() for a team member.

Managing project access

You can grant project access to current team members. Those with outstanding invitations will not be returned in search results. You can remove team members from individual projects. If you need to remove a user from your team entirely, see Removing team members.

  1. From a Wallet project, select Templates in the project header.
  2. Select Share .
  3. (To grant access) Enter the username or email address of your team member and select from results.
  4. (To revoke access) Under Current Team, select the remove icon () for the team member you want to remove. Team members that cannot be removed are greyed out.
  5. Select Share.

Team members with new access will see the project listed the next time they refresh the dashboard or log in to Airship. Team members removed from a project will no longer see it listed in the dashboard after they refresh or log in Airship.

Managing Administrator permission

Administrators have these additional permissions:

  • Create new projects
  • Send team invitations
  • Add/remove Administrator permissions for other team members

You can enable Administrator permission for any team member. Administrators only have access to projects that have been shared with them.

To set permission:

  1. Select the account menu icon () in the dashboard header, then select Team Management.
  2. In Accepted Invitations, enable/disable the Admin toggle for a user.